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The family certainly didn't appear to be travelling light.Alongside the Crown Princess's tan handbag (right), Louis Vuitton luggage (left) and hat, they also had the airline staff help them out with their luggage (inset), before they boarded the short flight.

But a two-year demolition and construction nightmare (left, pictured this week) has infuriated neighbours on the Maroubra street - one of whom is considering selling to escape the drama.

Another video taken by an onlooker shows police restrained an irate man who appeared to be abusing the driver of a car who allegedly ploughed into pedestrians.

A car crashed into a crowd of people at Melbourne's Flinders Street Station at 4.41pm on Thursday.

It’s no big secret: go on the John Lewis website and choose a blouse, or Google Nigella’s smart eye-level oven, and the next time you log on to Facebook or Instagram, there’s a good chance they’ll pop up as adverts there.

But when writer Jen Lewis saw an advert on Facebook of a woman wearing exactly the same clothes she was at that moment (left and right), she started to believe businesses snooping on customers one step too far.

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Three heartbreaking years after their disappearance, Mr Speath got a knock on the door with what he described as 'the best Christmas present'.

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