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: Coming up: How could working for someone else lead to your best business idea. And, what would it take to consider quitting your business, essentially closing up shop and going to get a job? If you need a lawyer who understands the start-up world and the tech community, I want you to go to When your friend asks you, “How can I sell something online? Do you want a phone number that people can call, and then press one for sales, two for tech support, etc., and have all the calls be routed to the right person’s cell phone? He is the founder of Allied Business Network which negotiates discounts on office supplies, car rentals, and so many other things, so many other business needs for a collection of 122,983 businesses, small businesses owners, and individuals. And, the way the business works is…actually, maybe you could explain it the way you might explain it to a five year old, so that the audience really gets what Allied Business really is. I was hoping you could start off by telling us about that one partnership that changed it all. We have a sister site called Smart Bid Savings and white label programs. It gave me the feeling that, you know, we could really provide something really special for our vendors, our vendor partners.

I mean, like, today, what time are you going to go home? You won’t believe when today’s interviewee ends his day or how he makes that happen. I hate to have commercials interrupt this interview so I’m going to tell you about three sponsors quickly now, and then we’re going to go right into the program, starting with: Walker Corporate Law. In this interview, I want you to meet Jack Bergman. And you get those deals by making partnerships with companies, like the ones that I just mentioned. Meetings and travel and resorts and really great stuff. But I got a phone call from one of our bigger venders that was very interested in exclusivity.

Ones that don’t have the volume to negotiate these kind of deals.

So, it all seemed great and going into it, you know, I thought I had the perfect business model, but obviously there’s a lot more to it and a lot more time.

: Oh I see, so they had a national account number that companies would give to their employees to use so they’d get a discount, you got that, and… : So, how do you get these guys to give you both a discount and commission on the sales that you generate when you’re a nobody and you don’t have enough people. Fewer and fewer people do, but they still do and you feel powerless in that situation. And we would track her members separately and pay her a percentage, an annuity forever on the members they brought in and she just loved the idea.

And so that kind of what gave me the idea that hey I could do this and I could provide these discounts for small to medium size businesses.

Ones that really don’t have the staff to negotiate these kind of deals.

That kind of thing, as far as I know, doesn’t exist in our world, in the tech world. The original idea came to me because a lot of these cooperatives, which were buying cooperatives, still didn’t have deals in sort of common areas. Why aren’t we negotiating deals for paper and pencils? Then I realized I am going to have build this one member at a time, one business at a time. Why didn’t you say, hey, this whole model rests on my ability to get a large number of cooperatives to work with me. : I talked to an entrepreneur last week and I asked him about the insecurities, the negative chatter in his head and he said, “You know, one of the things that I have is, when I see a friend of mine or someone who I know become a customer, I start to think, ‘Oh no, I’m going to disappoint that person, oh no, it’s one thing to service a stranger, but to give my product to a friend who’s buying, I’ll screw up and be discovered as a guy who’s not as smart as everyone thought he was,’ all that. But in this case, they weren’t committing or buying anything, they were just saying, “Jeez, that sounds like a good idea and if you come out with a really good deal, maybe I’ll do it.” So, I felt comfortable because they weren’t giving me any money, and at that point I wasn’t asking for anything.

Originally, it was going to be sort of a deal for cooperatives, but I quickly realized that we could set up a call center, call businesses. You initially were thinking, I’ll go to all those cooperatives that are out there, just like I established this buying network for the cooperative that I work for. Obviously, we had to figure out ways of scaling that. They’re going to bring a larger, obviously, pool of companies. I will say that in doing that, in thinking what could occur in starting my business, whenever I thought I was going to make some money, it was much further down the road. I would’ve thought they’d have had discounts readily available for the first person who would ask- not the best discounts, but some discount, take these, if you make a go of it then we’ll give you the deeper discounts, that’s not how it went?

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Check out what happens with today’s guest that makes him think that way and why he didn’t end up following through, why he continued to build his business. ” I want you to send them to Shopify and explain to them that Shopify stores are easy to set up, they increase sales, and they’ll make your friend’s products look great. And that number comes straight from your website Jack. : Allied Business Network is a group of national vendors where ABN, or Allied Business Network, will negotiate, use its leverage of its current membership. And a specific vender approached me and asked me to take an international plane ride to a sporting event, which was crazy in itself. And obviously we always believed we added value for small businesses. But, for a vendor that size to take that kind of time and effort away.