Beat dating simulator

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Beat dating simulator

So, Dr Julie Masters of Rochester Hills, Michigan, decided to put their assumptions to the test by hooking them both up to a labor pain simulator - and recording their experience on video.The clip sees the two men, from Kensington Community Church in Troy, Michigan, hooked up to the device that sends electrodes to their abdomen in order to mimic contractions.The wives look on with amusement as their husbands undergo the torture, joking as they moan in pain.But they were only just getting started, as Dr Julie then says: 'This is the active stage of labor and where it’s really getting good.' 'It feels like someone is taking a saw and just carving up my abdomen,' says one of the guys.Wearing blue hospital gowns, the men lay down in the doctor's office with their wives by their sides and are shocked with pains resembling the early moments of labor.

All the guests really enjoyed the night and Lee was extremely helpful and professional throughout.

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As the pain is increased over the period of an hour, the men curl up, scream and even raise to their hands and knees in an attempt to dull the pain.'Stop smiling!

' one shouts at his wife, causing her to burst into laughter and give the other man's wife a high-five.

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I won't hesitate to contact you for any future events, and will certainly be recommending you to others. Tom Tom Lambert Wells, Somerset 17 January 2015 Hi Russell We had a fantastic night Saturday, everyone enjoyed the photo booth,and I have got some fantastic memories.