Big intimidating dogs

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Big intimidating dogs

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is the cousin of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Like their cousin, they make wonderful family companions.

A Great Pyrenees tend to weight between 85-160 pounds.

If you’re looking to add a giant dog to your family, consider one of these eight breeds. You’ll always know exactly where they are at all times thanks to Nuzzle’s GPS technology.

But today, they prefer to chill out on the couch – if they can fit!

Horses can learn tricks, and they have their own way of worming treats and affection out of people, just like canines do.Their formidable size alone made a good deterrent to any nefarious outsiders, and a deep, resonant bark backed it up.Some were also bred to be working companions on farms.Today, they remain hardworking but are also sweet-natured and gentle.They can weight up to 150 pounds and make wonderful family companions.

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Have you ever heard someone say, “That dog’s as big as a horse”?