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Chat x x x fee

He told me exactly what it is I needed to hear that helped me more than anyone has been able to in a very long time. Final Fantasy X is the tenth installment in the Final Fantasy series.Tidus is a blitzball player in a glittering metropolis known as Zanarkand.During the Memorial Cup to honor Tidus's father Jecht, a legendary blitzball player who went missing ten years ago, the stadium is destroyed by a colossal monster that attacks the city.Tidus is swept away along with Auron, a man who has been looking after him ever since Jecht went missing and Tidus's mother died, leaving him orphaned.

Under the care of his new friends, Tidus meets summoner Yuna who sets out on her pilgrimage to defeat Sin, the monster who had attacked Zanarkand and apparently transported Tidus into the future, as the only knowledge of Zanarkand Spirans have is a holy land that was destroyed by Sin a thousand years ago.As Yuna's pilgrimage is to end there, Tidus joins her journey as her newest guardian, alongside Auron whom he runs into later.Tidus learns that when Jecht disappeared from Zanarkand he had actually run into Sin and arrived in Spira, the same as has happened to him, but can hardly believe it when Auron claims that Jecht has become the monster Sin itself.This shifts the focus from reflexes and quick decision-making to strategy and careful planning.Unlike in previous games in the series, the player is able to change characters on the go during battle. In terms of climate, Spira ranges from tropical islands (Besaid and Kilika) and a scorching desert (Bikanel Island) to temperate towns (Luca) and the icy Mt. Spira's population is made up of a variety of six races: humans divided into Spirians and the outcast Al Bhed faction, Hypello, Cactuars, Ronso, and Guado.

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