Dating in single sex schools

Posted by / 01-Sep-2017 13:50

Dating in single sex schools

JBL, Thanks for sharing, but where did you get the idea that guys that come from single sex schools lack in manners?I know I would have had a more fulfilled childhood had I gone to mixted sex school and maybe would have done much better academically?The question of how to educate men and women together has had a long and rather turbulent history.

I was such shy boy without much confidence and had such a hard time academically also, so things never really worked out too well for me back then......

I realize I missed out on so much as a lad and do wish that I went to a mixed school, because I would have had that interaction on a day to day basis with girls and it make's me sad at this moment just thinking about what I missed out on as a lad..... Do you think single sex schools lack the social interaction between girls and boys? I went to a mixed gender school and by the time i was 13 i was enjoying the opposite sex, not as in sex but the groping the quick kisses, the flirting, the ultra serious relationship (crushes) , walking a girl home miles from my own home.

Did you go to a single sex school or a mixed gender school? No i am not shy but attending a mixed gender school taught me manners which a lot of ex single sex school boys lack even into later life.

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When I was a lad I was unable to fully communicate with the opposite sex, up until I became an adult and left it pretty late in life to get to know the opposite gender and was unable to communicate confidently with them enough to start dating them....

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They boys were cruel to me in their misguided belief that this would make them look big in the girls eyes.