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In addition to his healthy eating habits, Drew loves to exercise. "I find cooking to be very therapeutic, but I just haven't had the luxury of time, day-to-day, to do it lately," said Jonathan. Right now, my diet's more p-h-a-t and happy." Jonathan and Drew haven't been in a fight for 20 years.

Yes, you read that right: they've gone two decades without an altercation.

"We're related on my mother's side," explained Jonathan. He even had diagnostic tests run that confirmed his sensitivity, so he steers clear of all wheat, barley, and rye. "I know it sounds oh, la dee da with your fancy chef — but when we looked into it, it was cheaper than eating out." Each meal costs about , according to Jonathan, and the chef services usually give the brothers a list of dishes they can order in advance and then heat up when they're ready to eat.

"A lot of people think I'm allergic to gluten, but I'm actually not," he explained. I find my body functions better and it breaks down food better if I don't do gluten." Drew also describes himself as a health nut, and said that if you looked in his fridge, you'd find protein shakes and supplements. In addition to being less expensive than going to restaurants, the pre-cooked meals have the added benefit of being healthy and within a certain calorie range.

Considering that they've parlayed their talents for real estate into a television career, the brothers were clearly doing more than making balloon animals and creeping out little kids — they were honing their performance chops. For instance, Jonathan turned down appearing on The Bachelor. I like to think that I don't need to date twelve women at a time." That might sound like Jonathan thinks he's too good for the show, but that's not true.

While most television viewers have poured love and adulation upon Drew and Jonathan, their older brother, J. The fact is he's actually too well-adjusted and mentally healthy for it.

"I won a lot of awards for my illusions," said Jonathan in an interview with . When asked to list three things he wishes people knew about him, Jonathan said that he's a self-described hopeless romantic: "I'm willing to admit that I love romantic movies and I go out of my way to do creative things that show a girl how much I care about her." He's brutally honest: "It doesn't matter how difficult or embarrassing the subject matter is, I will always tell the truth." And that — this is especially awesome — he loves haunted houses: "My secret obsession is haunted houses," he explained. Whether scary, cheesy, funny, or creepy — I'll take them all!

"I don't mind receiving bad news or having someone with a different opinion, as long as they give it to me." Their love of performing extends far beyond acting: the brothers perform in improv and stand-up comedy groups, Jonathan is an illusionist, and Drew is a director. I brought Gracie with me to check out our options, and she wouldn't socialize with anyone but Stewie. "He messaged us and said he's a huge fan, so we thought we'd bring him on as a third Property Brother," Jonathan told US Weekly during a 2015 visit to the magazine's headquarters in New York City.

"Jonathan and I are outspoken," Drew said in an interview with .

"If there's something that's bothering us we just say it, deal with it, and move on. They have their little crates and I bring them to the set with me." Jonathan and Drew both stand at 6' 5", and, while some tall men might be bothered by the size difference that comes with having small pets, Jonathan isn't fazed at all: "The smaller the dog, the bigger you look." Apparently Scandal's main man, Scott Foley, is an avid HGTV fan — and he especially enjoys Property Brothers.

The last time they fought was when they were both students at the University of Calgary, when "Drew was being annoying about something," Jonathan explained to .

"I got so angry that I clenched my teeth so hard that I broke them." Since that incident, the brothers have adhered to what they call a 'no-BS policy'.

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Although their renovation budget was $2 million, they still followed the same advice they give to homeowners on the show and used money-saving hacks like painting the kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them.

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