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Dating tips for married couples

You just couldn’t wait to see them again, so you made it a priority in your calendar. Don’t assume you already know what your spouse thinks/feels/knows about a certain subject even though you’ve been married for years. If you need some help, here are some fun Marriage Talk questions to spark conversation. You let them into your life, bit by bit, as you shared your thoughts and feelings and told stories.You went out of your way to keep that appointment—going into work early if you needed to so you could be sure to get away on time. And your commitment to being there was a silent message to them: 2. Don’t just default to dinner or takeout and a movie. Don’t assume your spouse knows/understands all about you just because you have said it before.You stayed up talking late into the night, and then for weeks afterward, anxiously awaited the next phone call, text or e-mail.Then as your relationship bloomed into marriage, it seemed that your wedding day happiness would be eternal.For some of us it is, but preserving that bliss doesn't come naturally.

With a bit of advanced planning, even a ride on a commuter train can become a romantic date.Don’t try to combine a special time together with a list of errands that need running, or make the children or financial issues the topic of your entire conversation.What have you done to get out of a married dating rut? In the last seven nights—so grateful to sneak away. In the last two weeks—we need to do that more often! Time, energy, and money for a romantic getaway may seem impossible and downright inconceivable. Commit today to dating your spouse and celebrating the gift of marriage once again. If she loves animals, take her to apetting zoo or horseback riding. Variety is the spice of life and will certainly spice up your marriage. Have a window-shopping date but with a different twist. Despite the quiet promises we make, many times we can find ourselves consumed with each day’s demands, deadlines, and duties. Plan on eating together—whether it’s a romantic dinner in or a nice evening out—and some sort of activity afterward. If he loves video games, take him (and a bag of quarters) to an arcade. Plan romantic dates, cheap and easy dates, getting in shape dates, and even we’re-just-too-tired dates. See what you can discover in a 50-mile radius of your home.

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According to Sam Yagan, who runs an online dating Web site, "romantic relationships, have three stages: the initial attraction (lust), the romance (falling in love), and the attachment (where both partners become comfortable with each other).

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