Did shailene woodley and daren kagasoff dating

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(Watch the scene above.) Kagasoff talks to was your first big gig. Daren Kagasoff: It's been an amazing journey for me.I think everybody in the cast when we first signed on to do the show, nobody knew how big of a success it was going to be.All I can say is I was very happy with the way Brenda decided to end the show. Kagasoff: No, it definitely wasn't how I imagined it.We were told in such a short amount of time that we weren't doing another season so the writers had to scramble and come up with an ending that satisfied the characters and the audience members. After shooting it, it seemed like it was the right thing to do and I get why they went the route that they did.THR: What do you hope viewers will take away from the series finale? It's been five years and the show has had its ups and downs with relationships and people coming on the show and off the show.Of course, you want the audience to be happy, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to make TV exciting.I take my craft and work very seriously so it wasn't like after I left the set I screwed around. Brenda Hampton came to my parents' house in an Escalade with a dozen roses telling me I got the job. I remember reading it and [I had] that sense of, "It's really over." Everybody was really serious.We wanted to do the best work because in this business, you never know what your next job is going to be.

turned heads when it debuted in the summer of 2008.THR: What do you hope people remember about the show 10 or 20 years down the line?Kagasoff: Just knowing that I met some of the greatest people who have become some of my best friends and I'll always have that.The one-hour drama, featuring breakout star Shailene Woodley, focused on the relationships between families and friends and how they dealt with unexpected teen pregnancies.By no means a critical darling, had an audience and its growth in viewership showed that.

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