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This means they’re effectively forcing it on everyone.I’m also firmly of the opinion that we’ll all be better off if functionality like this is handled by a standards body like the W3C, or a non-profit like the Wiki Media Foundation, or at least an open-source software project.Starting October 9th, Magic Giant will come on board to replace flor.Atlas Genius will close out their tour on October 26 in Los Angeles at The Regent with only Magic Giant opening.The siblings went on to tell us how the front crowd has “…a lot of power over the way the band feels…

Genius has made special arrangements with some sites, such as the New York Times (which is also my employer), but hasn’t provided a way for smaller users to either opt in or opt out.

You can read more about the security issues surrounding Genius in my new article for the Verge. Genius, formerly known as Rap Genius, is a web site that allows users to annotate blocks of text that appear on other sites.

Over the weekend I wrote a tool to break the annotation functionality of It’s very cool technology; you can just visit any page on the internet using a Genius redirect link, and it will show up with all sorts of additional information which has already been appended by other people. The existence of the technology they’ve developed should be concerning to anybody who wants to put something on the internet.

Harassment is a huge problem on the internet; even massive tech companies like Facebook and Twitter still have trouble with it, and they that you and your friends build, write, and post, so the bar should be even higher. I think that would be a horribly fucked up thing for them to do, but it’s certainly within the realm of possibility. If you have a Word Press blog, you can also just upload the files and it should automatically appear as a plugin in your admin settings (although you can only do this if you have a self-hosted site, rather than one provided by the Word service).

I hope the existence of this code will force them to step up and dedicate substantial resources to handling this issue. There’s also a simpler Java Script version available for use in Many thanks to Genius CEO Tom Lehman for explaining precisely how to break Genius!

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