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Kenya dating agencies

Both diseases are rare and have the capacity to cause dramatic outbreaks with high fatality rates, the World Health Organization states.

MVD was first reported in Uganda in 2007 after the virus was found to have struck several in the western district of Kamwenge.The outbreak, the 'worst in 50 years', is being fueled by a strain more lethal than the traditional bubonic one which usually strikes the country off the coast of Africa each year.The latest World Health Organization (WHO) figures states there are 1,801 suspected cases - significantly higher than the 1,309 it reported two weeks ago.Several workers who had been exposed to infected African green monkeys at a research lab.The deadly airborne plague spreading rapidly across Madagascar is now at 'crisis' point as cases rocketed by 37 per cent in just five days, official figures revealed last week.

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Analysis of figures by Mail Online show the epidemic could strike a further 20,000 people in just a matter of weeks, if current trends continue.