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“They said they would take a hard line on funding extremism, and all reference was pointing to Qatar.” At the same time, Tillerson and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis called for negotiations and a quick resolution of the dispute.

When the Saudi-led group released a list of 13 “non-negotiable” demands for Qatar — including shutting down Al Jazeera and expelling a number of people deemed terrorists — the State Department suggested that they were unreasonable and that the terrorism funding issue was a smokescreen for long-standing regional grievances that should be resolved through mediation and negotiation. Tillerson appeared to agree that they were draconian. We need this part of the world to be stable, and this particular conflict between these parties is obviously not helpful.” Asked about Trump’s tweets and other comments, he noted that being secretary of state “is a lot different than being CEO of Exxon,” his previous job, “because I was the ultimate decision-maker.” He knew what to expect from long-standing colleagues, he said, and decision-making was disciplined and “highly structured.” “Those are not the characteristics of the United States government.

Similar material appeared on government Twitter feeds.

The reports were repeatedly broadcast on Saudi Arabian government outlets, continuing even after the Qatari alert said it was false.

the airline operates a hub-and-spoke network, linking over 150 international destinations across Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Far East, South Asia, Middle East, North America, South America and Oceania from its base at Hamad International Airport, using a fleet of more than 180 aircraft.

Qatar Airways Group employs more than 40,000 people, of whom 24,000 work directly for Qatar Airways.

Later that morning, the same false information appeared on a ticker at the bottom of a video of the emir’s appearance that was posted on Qatar News Agency’s You Tube channel.The United Arab Emirates orchestrated the hacking of Qatari government news and social media sites in order to post incendiary false quotes attributed to Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani, in late May that sparked the ongoing upheaval between Qatar and its neighbors, according to U. The officials said it remains unclear whether the UAE carried out the hacks itself or contracted to have them done. The conflict has also exposed sharp differences between Trump — who has clearly taken the Saudi and UAE side in a series of tweets and statements — and Tillerson, who has urged compromise and spent most of last week in shuttle diplomacy among the regional capitals that has been unsuccessful so far. He said the secretary had left behind proposals with the “Saudi bloc” and with Qatar including “a common set of principles that all countries can agree to so that we start from . Intelligence officials said their working theory since the Qatar hacks has been that Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt or some combination of those countries were involved. intelligence and other officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter. Officials became aware last week that newly analyzed information gathered by U. intelligence agencies confirmed that on May 23, senior members of the UAE government discussed the plan and its implementation. a common place.” Qatar has repeatedly charged that its sites were hacked, but it has not released the results of its investigation.Many of the emails highlight the UAE’s determination over the years to rally Washington thinkers and policymakers to its side on the issues at the center of its dispute with Qatar. [Key senator threatens arms sales over gulf dispute] Qatar — an energy-rich country ruled by its own unelected monarchy — saw the Saudi-led accusations as an attempt by neighboring autocrats to stifle its more liberal tendencies.All of the Persian Gulf nations are members of the U. Separately, the United States warned Qatar to keep a tighter rein on wealthy individuals there who surreptitiously funded Islamist terror groups — a charge that Washington has also made in the past against the Saudis and other gulf countries.

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