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“The Chevy Volt is going to cost about ,000, but a conversion costs about ,000,” said Moore.“Until the car companies can get the prices under control, people will want conversions.Cost is a major factor, according to Mike Moore, who runs South Carolina-based Ampmobile Conversions, with his wife Paula.The husband and wife team converts five or six vehicles per year for its customers.His website provides extensive reference material and hands-on guidelines for backyard tinkerers doing EV conversions.

Or if you don’t have deep enough pockets for a Tesla?

It’s going to be like that for quite a while.” Moore sees dramatic interest in conversions from all across the country.

His customer list includes people from Texas to New Jersey.

After speaking with Lough, Hazen and Moore, we identified these 7 key issues in your decision-making process.

To state the obvious, you’ll need a donor car to use as the basis for your conversion.

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Consumers eager to get behind the wheel of an electric car have experienced crushing disappointment for many years. Major auto companies—like Ford, Chevy and Nissan—plan to roll out the next generation of practical, affordable plug-in cars in 2011 or 2012.

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