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Make a dating sim

One week the user interface would need improvement and redesign; then another server administration would need better tools; then another voice chat would need to be integrated.This sort of thing isn't uncommon at a small studio, but Kreyling took on so much that his friends and roommates became increasingly concerned with his work habits — and with the toll they were taking on him.And one of the things was that he was the guy on call if ever got brought down." To keep his sanity, Kreyling took on small programming projects on the side.Things that mattered to him, and had nothing to do with the day-to-day grind at Muse.Fans love the genre because it lets them play roles in these stories and affect the outcomes — a Choose Your Own Adventure for the modern era, often filled with more nuanced characters than other game stories.Kreyling became interested in the genre after a friend recommended he play writer and developer Christine Love's .And luckily for Kreyling, she was looking to change jobs after completing work on an animated feature film.So Woods became Date Nighto's first employee, besides Kreyling.

"He was juggling a whole bunch of things at the same time ...They worked on the 20 person content team at What Pumpkin, while Kreyling handled all the programming himself. "Mostly, [Kreyling's] whole MO is 'I shouldn't be setting the limitations on you,'" says Panagariya."'You should be forcing me to try to explore new areas of development.' And I think that does come from a place of being surrounded by creative people or people in different fields, because you get that sense that he's trying to help people push their boundaries a little bit." But as they got further into the game's development, and assets from the artist and text from the writers started to come in, it became apparent that integrating them into the game was going to be a full job in and of itself.Kreyling knew what he wanted his first visual novel to be, an adaptation of a friend's webcomic called .The comic was sexually explicit, so he knew that trying to sell it on any well known digital game store would be difficult if not impossible. And then a friend of Kreyling's got in touch to discuss an opportunity, throwing a life-changing-sized wrench into that plan.

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In it, players take the role of a high school teacher in a near-future Canada where — unknown to the students — the teachers are able to read the private messages students send to each other.

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