Outlook 2016 tracking not updating

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They finished by saying that overall they felt the migration was very strong this year.

Reported on 12-6 that they haven't conducted a survey recently, but they still have an ok amount of waterfowl in the area.

Luke also reported that there is lots of honkers in the central and south zones, and sounds like more to come from the north!

Luke finished by saying that this year was the best October here in central Minnesota in the last 3-4 yrs with ducks, never seemed to have an October lull, and honkers as usual have been plentiful and should have excellent hunting thru December.

They stated that they have lost the majority of the ducks that they had in the area.

They also stated that they still have a decent amount of Canada geese in the area though.

Look for a high of 51 on Sunday with a low of 33 and clear skies with a W wind at 10-20 mph.

Reported on 12-6 that in the most recent survey conducted on 11-29 that there were 8,400 ducks in the area. Of the 8,400, 97% were Mallards, 2% were other dabblers, and 1% were divers.

They finished by saying that overall this fall flight was very good!Reported on 12-5 that in the most recent survey conducted on 11-13 they had 19,000 Canada geese in the area. They also reported that they had 15,000 Mallards in the area.That number was down from the previous survey of 60,000 Mallards.He stated that they went from 60 degree temps to below freezing temps and freezing water.He also reported that he feels he hasn’t seen a big migration yet.

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In central Minnesota expect a high temp of 30 on Friday with a low of 12 and a 30% chance of snow and a WNW wind at 10-20 mph.

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