Oxford union dating rules john frusciante dating history

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Oxford union dating rules

Now, in America, we call that character – (laughter) – sort of like buying brand-new jeans that already have holes in the knees (inaudible). (Laughter.) Thank you for just an incredibly warm, tremendous welcome to this historic hall. In fact, at one point, an architect actually poured acid over the walls of Yale’s Harkness Tower in order to replicate the centuries of soot and sludge – (laughter) – on (inaudible) college.

And I’ve spent more than 2,300 hours – or a full 96 days – on a plane since I took this job.

(Laughter.) And if you think the Cambridge-Oxford rivalry is hot, folks, Harvard-Yale is no slouch, let me tell you.

But as you know, I went to college in New Haven, Connecticut, and Jon somehow got lost on his way to college and found himself at a small college in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

(Inaudible) Baroness Cathy Ashton, my good friend, thank you so much for your incredible work for several years as you helped shape and get us down the road on the Iran nuclear agreement. (Applause.) I want to ask you all to join me in recognizing the United States Ambassador to Great Britain, the Court of St. (Applause.) And before I begin, I want to give a special shout-out to my chief of staff, Jon Finer, who’s now miserable that I’m doing this. (Applause.) Now, to all of you Union members, I really am pleased to stand here.

(Applause.) And that said, I have to tell you that Jon offers a unique blend of intellect, humor, prose, and I will give him a pass for his wayward education – (laughter) – because of the simple fact besides having achieved the rare honor of getting a mail-order diploma – (laughter) – he is also a Rhodes Scholar and he loves Oxford and he loved his time here and I want you all to say thank you for this alumnus.

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