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The difference between the two rules consisted for the most part in outward observances and minor alterations.This new rule was also adopted by other French and Italian convents of the Order of St.Clare, but one can by no means say that a distinct congregation was formed on the basis Isabella's rule.In the new rule Urban IV gives the nuns of Longchamp the official title of "Sorores Minores inclusæ, which was doubtlessly intended to emphasize closer union with the Order of Friars Minor .As Isabel wished to found a convent of the Order of St.Clare, Louis IX began in 1255 to acquire the necessary land in the Forest of Rouvray, not far from the Seine and in the neighbourhood of Paris.Altough it was traditionally just one weekend, Munich's CSD has spread out over none days and involves open-air concerts, a parade and a handbag throwing contest.

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In 1521 Leo X allowed the Abbey of Longchamp to celebrate her feast with a special Office. On 25 January, 1688, the nuns obtained permission to celebrate her feast with an octave, and in 1696 the celebration of the feast on 31 August was permitted to the whole Franciscan Order. The history of the Abbey of Longchamp had many vicissitudes.

The Revolution closed it, and in 1794 the empty and dilapidated building was offered for sale, but as no one wished to purchase it, it was destroyed.

Munich also hosts a gay street party in mid-August, the Hans-Sachs-Strasse Schwules Strassenfest, which draws over 10,000 people every year.

For more details of that event, see here: Gay Street Festival.

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