Sexting chat greek

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Sexting chat greek

After five minutes paramedics arrived and Henderson was taken away on a stretcher.

Police are not seen in the footage; this is the first summer that Laganas does not have its own police station due to government cuts.

Henderson did not get up and the attackers milled around over his body, leaving him bleeding to death on the street.

Others in the group pushed the attackers away and a woman eventually stood over Henderson's body with her arms raised to stop them coming near him.

A US State Department official said that an American citizen had been killed on Zakynthos and that it was providing consular services to his family.

The incident is not the first killing of foreigner on the island and in 2011 a 19-year-old British tourist was beaten to death by two Greek taxi drivers.

Coroners said the blows were so severe he did not have a chance to defend himself Two people have been charged with homicide over the killing, the security guard, a 32-year-old Briton of Serbian origin, and a Greek barman, 34. Police are investigating whether race played a part in the attack on Henderson, who is black, at the Bar Code bar in Laganas on the party island Zakynthos.

He grabbed an ashtray and threw it at me, something that eyewitnesses can confirm.'The victim got out of the bar and started running and the (group of) Serbs, me and the Greek bartender followed him.'I remember punching him once in the face and two or three times in his body, not the head.

When I left the spot a mob of Serbians was hitting him mercilessly in his body and head.'Henderson was an aspiring entrepreneur and his family and friends said he was 'so determined in life' and that it was 'always a beautiful day' when was around.

Tyler Pittman, another of Henderson's friends, said: 'I guess I'll never meet someone as inspirational and influential as that man.'He was always positive, always happy, always smiling, laughing, joking..was always a beautiful day'.

In a statement Henderson's family said: 'Bakari loved spending time with family and friends, traveling and meeting new people.'He was a big thinker and enjoyed coming up with new business ventures'.

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On his Facebook page Henderson said he was a fan of Kobe Bryant and posted a picture of himself in a Los Angeles Lakers shirt.

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