Speed dating young professionals nyc

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Speed dating young professionals nyc

Excellent work environment, lots of room for professional growth and lots of happy employees.

Seeking a take-charge individual who knows how and when to delegate, knows how to improve an office’s efficiency and productivity.

Be the results-oriented Manager who frees up principals/owners from day-to-day operations, giving them the ability and time to grow the business.

To apply, send resumes to [email protected] Manager & Executive Assistant – North Jersey-based non-profit is looking for a dynamic addition to their team to assume the position of Office Manager & Executive Assistant.

Excellent work environment, great compensation, and a positive team atmosphere. Individual should be comfortable using databases and excel to track shipments and other important data.Some background: my job is at an agency where our clients are working almost 24/7.I specifically didn’t want to work in that field because I hated that 24/7 work in previous internships — something I mentioned during my interview.If someone is calling you at 7 a.m., that better be a serious emergency. call on a holiday weekend in a field where it’s known that work sometimes happens outside of regular work hours — it might not be an outrage, if it was for something that really couldn’t wait.(On the other hand, you should be left alone on weekends if it’s not time-sensitive.) Staying home both days one weekend to wait for client approval … If it’s rare (and it sounds like it’s only happened once), it can just be part of a professional job, even in fields that aren’t constantly hectic.

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You know that you don’t want this kind of schedule, you knew that before you took this job and thought that they’d assured you that you wouldn’t have it here, and it’s making you miserable. You said you feel like you have to stick it out for a year, which I assume is because you’re trying to avoid looking like a job hopper.

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